The Twelve Kingdoms book series was written by Fuyumi Ono, and illustrated by artist Akihiro Yamada. This is a fan-translation of the third book in the series, "Higashi no Wadatsumi, Nishi no Soukai" (The Sea God of the East, the Vast Sea of the West), from the Milan French release. It's entitled "La Majesté Des Mers" in French, so I've dubbed it "The Majesty of the Seas" just to be different.

This is a translation of a translation; i.e., an English translation of the French translation of the original Japanese. Certain things may have been lost in the first translation already, so please keep that in mind while reading. I'll be sticking with name romanizations as put forth in the U.S. anime distribution, and terms as they are used in the original Japanese books. I will not be using TokyoPop's romanizations or term choices, because they are honestly retarded.

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The work hosted here is a not-for-profit fan-translation. The original Japanese work was written by Fuyumi Ono, and the French translation was done by Milan translators Tamako Kageyama, Denis Roger, and Patrick Honnoré. Do not repost any of the content of this translation without permission.

LAST UPDATE: Feb 14, 2009

Added Part One, Chapter Two. Completed the gallery.


Credity Stuff and Original Translators' Note

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Chapter One
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The cover. Map of the Twelve Kingdoms. (French.) Map of En. (French.) pg. 60: Shouryuu being scolded by the ministers while Enki looks on. pg. 107: Kouya about to feed a baby to his youma friend. pg. 163: Ribi scolding Enki as he lies in bed in their prison cell. pg. 282: Enki covered in Ribi's blood after she breaks the cord on his head. pg. 388: Shouryuu dickslapping Atsuyu.